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The next level of your PR

PR has changed dramatically. Not only has the publishing world become completely different, but a large part of opinion-forming now takes place on social media. How can these trends be successfully managed by corporate PR?

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Next Level!

More than ever, PR managers are being asked to digitize the crucial parts of PR-related corporate communication, make them measurable and at the same time break new ground in order to significantly increase efficiency. The key lies in content hubs that, when set up correctly, bundle the crucial elements of PR, bring together challenges and their answers and enable seamless collaboration between all teams.


We connect PR

  • We connect PR with your digital corporate communications

Strong best practices

  • Strong best practices from well-known clients

Increased efficiency and measurability

  • Proven increase in efficiency and measurability of your activities

We take “I make you digital” seriously and want to work with you to create positive change for your PR - with exciting showcases, we can show you on request how you can use the spirit of optimism and take your PR to the next level!

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One key to successful implementation can lie in content hubs

If implemented correctly, a content hub can provide an effective and digital basis for networking your corporate communications. You will not be able to avoid the fact that individual corporate communication tasks do not yet take place or only take place alongside one another. As a full-service communications agency, we sort out your core tasks and bring them into an effective and digital ecosystem.    









To illustrate this, we use the image of a solar system. 

Content Hub

Connects all components, delivers:
# Technical Base for the entire system
# Frame
# Aligned Messaging


Next Level Brand Communication

# Combines traditional & digital PR
# Guarantees brand continuity
# Perfect base for Post-PR


CRM- & Data-Strategy

# Perfect Tracking Tool
# Base for Data-Driven Campaigns
# AI & MarTech Opportunities


Digital me

# Source for Brand Ambassadors
# Empowers Social Business
# Platform for CSR Activities

Our references


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Evernine provides strategic corporate communications support to the Axians Group, which in Germany is part of VINCI Energies' global brand network for ICT solutions.  


In addition to the resulting brand-neutral content hub, Evernine implements various projects in the area of post-PR. 


The topics of data marketing, lead generation and partner marketing are successfully combined with (post) PR measures in order to achieve the greatest possible and most measurable output. The targeted development of ambassadors creates lasting and measurable trust in the market. 


With the ultra-modern microsite breitbandreise.de, designed and created by Evernine, Axians shows ways in which faster broadband expansion can be achieved for network operators, local authorities, companies and transport routes. With the “Broadband Journey” project, we are thus creating a digital go-to-market that makes even complex topics tangible for everyone. 

Best Practice metafinanz

Evernine runs large-scale brand building campaigns for metafinanz. The campaigns were continuously optimized during operation in order to generate the greatest possible awareness and later also the best possible lead generation. 






Internal communication is structured in such a way that every employee has a clear idea and great incentives to act as a brand ambassador for the company externally and thus take communication to a new level. In the first “Digital Me” workshops, the basic knowledge of social media & “Digital Me” is taught and an introduction to the topic of social & personal branding is provided. In the second part, the aim is to deepen the knowledge from part 1 in a practical way (including associated tools such as LinkedIn.

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Roast Market is one of the leading online stores in Germany for coffee and espresso products for private and business customers. 

Since the topic of coffee plays a central role in Germany in particular and this area is characterized above all by its diversity, the online magazine project was implemented by the Evernine Group in addition to the existing store platform. 

Based on the existing design, the concept was developed in close cooperation with Roastmarket and the programming was carried out by Evernine. The result of this post-PR measure is a unique magazine, which was created to provide an important building block for Roastmarket's self-marketing. 

We are looking forward to
make you digital!

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About the Evernine Group

Evernine Group is a multi-award-winning leading German innovation and communications consultancy with an integrative full-service agency business. We stand for effective next-level communication. You can expect lasting technological and creative support in equal measure, optionally in an outsourcing model. Let us help you transform and network your marketing, PR, sales & HR, both internally and externally. Our vision for more efficiency in corporate communications.

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